Welcome to Alex-Leigh Ranch

We operate a small family ranch raising horses, cattle and goats in southwestern Missouri.

American Saddlebred and Missouri Fox Trotting Horses.

We train all of our horses for trail riding.  We aim for sound, safe and sane horses that are a pleasure to ride. 

With our American Saddlebreds, we have emphasized large heart genetics for added endurance.   

Our Missouri Fox Trotters were selected for smooth gait, gentle personalities and solid conformation suitable for trail riding over longer distances.

We frequently have tack for sale. We are also offering our antique doctors buggy.

Horses and Tack for Sale

American Lowline Cattle. 

We are offering registered American Lowine and Lowline Moderator cattle. We have been extremely pleased with the efficiency of these cattle, maintaining their body condition well, even through severe drought conditions, on marginal pasture.  The quality of the meat is simply outstanding. These cattle, which originated with Angus cattle in Australia, are a superb choice for those looking to raise a few head of cattle for personal use.  American Lowline Cattle

Lowline Cattle for Sale

Kiko Goats.

We are raising Kiko goats with the objective of improving our pastures without using herbicides.  They are prolific little critters and we will periodically have crossbred goats for sale. We have a young Kiko buck registered with the American Kiko Goat Association. Kiko goats are meat goats noted for their hardiness and resistance to parasites.  Our does are crossbred Kikos and Boers.Kiko goats for sale 

Kiko Goat for Sale